$180 USD

Sleek and stylish fashion-forward streetwear with futuristic lighting.

By day, the Dark Power collection blends into your wardrobe. By night, be ready to take on the future with illuminated LED lights that change to colors and patterns with the touch of a button.

The Dark Power Bodysuit is one of our most versatile pieces yet. Style it casually with a skirt or pair of jeans, wear it solo, or pair it with our Dark Power Pencil Skirt for head-to-toe glow.

Also available for rental.

Durable and Cleanable

The Dark Power Bodysuit is made of flexible material to stretch for a perfect fit. The bodysuit has a removable outer lining that can be cleaned.

Powered up!

The bodysuit is powered by a standard USB battery pack (the same kind you use to charge your phone) that fits into a concealed back pocket. The rechargeable battery pack is included and lasts 1-2 hours per charge.

Endlessly versatile.

The included remote control cycles through a variety of single colors, as well as patterns including waterfall, rainbow gradient, and twinkle effect.

See the Dark Power Collection in Action