Photo: Nikki Solemsaas

Lumière Atelier Lace Collection

Delicate lace dresses with fine details and ethereal illumination.

The lace collection brings soft lighting and refined details. Available in white, this dress is also perfect for the bride who wants to bring extra magic to the dance floor.

The lace collection dresses display white light (unlike some collections, these garments do not offer color changes or flashing). The lights are powered by small coin cell batteries that are discreetly placed at the back near the zipper. Batteries are easily sourced and replaceable.

Because garments contain electronics, they cannot be directly washed. A removable slip or “laundry layer” is recommended to be worn underneath the dress. Slips are available with orders for an additional $20.

Shop or Rent

Dresses are available for custom order, or for rentals (pending on inventory availability). For rental inquiries, contact with your requested dates and sizing.