Rent an Illuminated FashionTech Outfit

Garments are available for rental based on inventory availability. Please allow time for maintenance and shipping for your order.

Rental pricing is determined by type of garment and required length of rental. Contact with your desired styles, dates, and sizing to receive a full inventory sheet with pricing and availability. Each garment rental is subject to a $50 USD cleaning and maintenance fee.

Our fashiontech garments are also available for fashion shows, photoshoots, and events. In addition to our ready-to-wear collection, we showcase innovative fashiontech garments with storytelling and performance, including the groundbreaking Lumen Couture projection hat through MakeFashion.

Lumière Atelier Dark Power Skirt

A futuristic fashion pencil skirt, one of the most popular and versatile pieces from Lumiere Atelier. This skirt can display a full spectrum of colors, as well as patterns suck as blinking, wave, and waterfall effects. The power control and settings are controlled through a small remote control that can easily be stored in a hidden pocked or the wearers purse.

This skirt is powered by a USB battery pack (the same kind you charge your phone) that can be placed on the hip or in the back (waistband battery holder is included.)

Lumière Atelier White Lace

This dress is inspired by bridal design, and is the perfect statement for a wedding reception dance party.

This dress displays white light (no color changes or flashing). It is powered by small coin cell batteries that are discreetly placed at the back near the zipper.

Lumière Atelier Gold and Silver Sequin Dresses

These full-length downs are the ultimate showstopper. Available in multicolor (programmable) sequin versions and single-color. Battery types vary.

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