It Came From Outer Space: The Retro Scifi Space Edit.

Defenders of the galaxy, robot babes, and epic space battles. Our retro space edit provides FashionTech inspiration for costumes, cosplay, photoshoots, and any event that requires outer-space sparkle.

Join us with our group of retro astronauts, space aliens, and fembots with LED garments for sale and rental.

All garments below are connected with a remote control to change colors and light patterns. Pre-installed programming available.

With illuminated textures and color-changing lights, our garments make the best retro-sci fi costumes. We also provide costume rentals for films, performances, and theatre rentals.

Pricing on garments starts at $50 (for ready-to-wear) and $80+ for unique one-of-a-kind garments. Pricing includes cleaning fees but does not include shipping.

Hover over images below for arrows with more views.

Matrix Dress

This unique dress with an LED matrix has gone viral! Available in silver and gold sizes 0-10.

Space Oddity Hoop Skirt

Our double-sided hoop skirt changes colors, patterns, and fits most sizes.

Stardust Hoop Skirt with Belt

This stunning jumpsuit pulses with energy and pairs with a swinging hoop skirt. Fits sizes 4-8.

Dark Power Bodysuit 

Our most versatile garment yet – easy to layer under or over different styles. A favorite for dancers or performers requiring movement. Multiple Sizes.

Crystaline Dress

This dress features crystal illumination for a space-age look. Fits sizes 0-2.

Dark Power Tube Dress

Fits sizes 0-2.

Gold Embellished Corset

Fits sizes 4-10.

Sequin Collection Dress With Stardust Belt

Space-age elegance with our LED Sequin Dress and illuminated belt. Multiple Sizes.

Dark Power Pencil Skirt

This skirt evokes futuristic energy and is a versatile, flattering style.

Gold General Dress

This dress features a triangular illuminated 3D printed panel for a uniquely structured garment. Plus size garment: fits sizes 12-14.

Stardust with Fringe Belt For MakeFashion 2019

This space-age dress features our stardust top and a fringe belt. Fits sizes 4-8.

Stardust Jumpsuit

This stunning jumpsuit pulses with energy and is inspired by rock legends like David Bowie. Fits sizes 2-8.

Affinity Dress

This dress has hoop skirt illumination with controllable color changes. Fits sizes 0-4.