Introducing: The Technology About to Transform Fashion

Our new “Matrix Collection” uses cutting-edge new technology: thin LED panels with bluetooth and audio connectivity.

With the ability to change images and videos instantly through a phone app, the designs offer limitless diversity in the colors, images, and themes. In a world of fast-fashion and changing trends, we seek to make classic designs that can adapt to trends and be sustainable. 

Watch the video to see it in action:

Each garment is independently designed by seasoned FashionTech designer Chelsea Klukas, who is the co-founder of the internationally-acclaimed fashion technology organization MakeFashion. With MakeFashion, Klukas has produced over 7 years of runway fashion shows over the world and has produced over 100 fashiontech garments. MakeFashion also contributes to introducing young girls to STEM through hands-on education in creating wearable tech fashion.

Chelsea Klukas grew up in Calgary, Canada, and now resides in Seattle with a studio in Capitol Hill where she designs, sews, programs, and solders the work herself.

Featured model: Sue Momo | Blooming flower illustration: Jen Klukas (Kluless)

Prior to working with the new technology, Klukas had worked with projection mapping for her designs, gaining international recognition and awards for the concept. The original technique for a video dress had a projector embedded within a hat, with the light from the projection facing inwards towards the model. Klukas’ goal was to make the technology simpler to use, more affordable, and more accessible for ready-to-wear ideas.

The garments are powered by a small, lightweight, rechargeable battery that is hidden within the design. The tech components are easy to remove within a zipper lining, making the garments fully washable.

The garments are now available for order, with the choker design shipping January 27, and the belt and dress designs shipping in Feb/March 2020. The app that controls the garments is free and available for Android and iOS.

The ultra-thin LED materials are also available for direct order for FashionTech designers (order here from our wearable tech component shop), shipping mid-February.

Shop the New Collection

LED Matrix LBD

$225 USD

Matrix Belt

$85 USD

Matrix Skirt

$200 USD