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2021 Holiday Wearable Tech Gift Guide: Under $100

Support small businesses with our guide for gifts that are under $100USD!

The holidays are here, and many of us are looking forward to reuniting with close friend and family after a challenging year. Shopping for gifts can be challenging: especially for the person who has everything. With our unique one-of-a-kind products you can rest assured that your gift will be unique!

As a bonus, shopping from Lumen Couture supports small, independent business.

LED Matrix Choker

As events and festivals start to open up again, there’s no better way to make a statement than our innovative choker. Or, if you’re staying outdoors and 6 feet away, the ability to customize text allows you to communicate from afar.

Our LED Matrix Choker uses new groundbreaking technology. Upload images and animations for endless possibilities. Use our “equalizer mode” to respond to the beat with visuals. Write text, draw your own pattern, or choose from our library of presets uniquely designed for clothing.

LED Matrix Face-Changing Mask

What if you could be whoever you want? This mask uses the same LED panels from our matrix line of dresses and hoodies, allows you to fully transform your face. Eye sockets and ergonomic design allow for long term wear.

This innovative mask is controlled via app and includes presets, text, equalizer effects, and the ability to upload your own images. A variety of equalizer effects respond to sound and music. The mask has a sensor to support hand gesture movements to change your presets. The mask contains over 2,000 individual LEDs with fast respond rate support realistic effects.

Batteries included, to guarantee fun right out of the box.

LED Matrix Side Bag

Display any message, image, video, or gif you want, right on your bag! This unisex high-quality bag fits a small laptop or tablet and is a hit at events, festivals, or anytime you want to make a statement.

The bag features straps to sit comfortably on the shoulders, with a soft breathable mesh and padding against the body. The front of the bag has a hard case that protects the tech components. The arm strap can be switched from the front or the right side.

Matrix Belt

$85 USD

LED Matrix Belt

When it comes to clothing, we are all about customization and flexibility to display any message, image, or animation you want. Our LED Matrix belt comes in Junior, Regular, and Plus sizes and is comfortable and adjustable.

Use our equalizer mode to respond to music on your phone with visual effects. If you’re seeking inspiration, we provide a selection of unique animated designs, created specifically to look great in the belt.

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