events and sightings:

Founder Chelsea Klukas speaks at Ryerson University on the Future of Fashion.

Klukas spoke in the new Force of Fashion series that highlights Canadian talent in fashion and business.

Lumen Couture founder Chelsea Klukas spoke to students, faculty, and guests of Toronto’s Ryerson University on the future of fashion. She discussed how her work in startups and large companies has allowed her to challenge the boundaries of fashion and technology.

Chelsea Klukas in conversation with Kevin Li.

The Fashion Zone at Ryerson University  launched Force of Fashion in 2019 as a new live interview series featuring top Canadian talent from the fashion and business industries sharing their success stories.

With the goal to create a bridge and dialogue between the student community and all-star Canadian businesses, the first episode brought in Sophie Boulanger, CEO of BonLook. Chelsea Klukas, CEO of Lumen Couture was the second participant in the series on the fashion industry.

With an interest in pushing the boundaries between fashion and techology, Chelsea co-founded MakeFashion, a wearable tech nonprofit that brings technology and high fashion to the runway. Her passion for wearable technology brought her to build a community of wearable enthusiasts from around the world to share their designs on the stage of MakeFashion. Taking the collections worldwide, Chelsea produces shows that celebrate the future of fashion.