MakeFashion Showcase:

Introducing the 2019 MakeFashion Lineup

We’re pleased to be a part of the internationally-acclaimed FashionTech runway show this year.

MakeFashion has just released their lineup for the 2019 event in September, where the new collection of fashiontech garments will be debuted before they tour the world internationally.

The event will take place in Calgary, Canada on Sept 21, 2019 in partnership with Beakerhead. This is the second year that MakeFashion has partnered with Beakerhead for a stunning outdoor show.

MakeFashion’s mission is to support the community of designers, makers, and engineers in FashionTech. The ten teams are funded with a bursary of $500 to go towards materials and work towards their creative projects. MakeFashion is also supporting nine “emerging designers” with bursaries of $250.

1: Conductive Melody

by Amped Atelier

This year Amped Atelier is creating an interactive performance piece that is a fashionable musical instrument. They will make a garment capable of using capacitive touch, proximity, and gesture, to generate beautiful electronically produced melodies.

Amped Atelier has showcased with Lumen Couture and MakeFashion many times, including in the recent FashionTech showcase at the MoPop Museum in Seattle.

2: Does it Come in Black?

by Shae Berry

This project aims to include wearable technology in an elegant way, showing that technology can be used in a way that can enhance the beauty and mystery of a piece of clothing without compromising comfort, movement, and wear-ability.

The “Does it Come in Black” team is a new addition to MakeFashion, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they produce for the runway.

3: Skin III

by Mechababe

The project asks the question of “How can we go beyond our biological makeup to heal the earth and ourselves within the Anthropocene?” and tackles philosophy and global warming. The garment will use RGB sensors to read the aura of the room.

This project promises to be a visually engaging as well as thoughtful piece of Fashion Technology.

4: StarCode Latest Collection

by Starcode

StarCode is a collaboration with MakeFashion and Lumen Couture, producing high-end wedding and event gowns. The gowns have appeared in weddings overseas, and bring a level of high-end sophistication to wearable tech.

StarCode designs are carried by Lumen Couture and are available for sale through direct order.

5: Affinity 3.0 and The Social Touch

by White Wolf Creations

White Wolf Creations (Sydney Pratte) returns with two proposals for 2019, including an updated version of their popular Affinity dress. The Affinity dress expresses affection towards pets by having sensors that connect the wearer and their pet together. Their second proposal “The Social Touch” aims to bring awareness to unacceptable areas of touching women.

White Wolf creations has been a fan favorite of MakeFashion attendees since they first debuted fashiontech-connected dogs on the runway at our 2018 event.

6: Bacatá

by Orduz Pinto Hautech Couture

Bacatá is a capsule 3 piece collection inspired in Maria Orduz’s Colombian origins. “Bacatá” is the name given to the main settlement of the Muisca Confederation on the Bogotá savanna. The collection attempts to find a connection between the sacred ancient from the designer’s roots and the innovative tools that technology provides us. The designer will use a combination of Laser cutting, 3D printing and light diffusion to celebrate her heritage through these garments.

Maria Orduz Piunto has showcased with MakeFashion since the very first gala. She is an emerging leader in the FashionTech space, and was featured on my video on rising fashiontech stars to watch in 2018.

7: New MakeFashion Piece

by Erina Kashihara

Erina Kashihara promises a new garment for the 2019 event, but hasn’t yet shared details of what she’s working on. Erina is one of the earliest designers of Fashion Technology, so we can expect something amazing to walk down the runway in September.

Erina has showcased with MakeFashion for over 5 years. Her recent dress that shoots lasers was featured on my YouTube video, “Drones, Lasers, and Projectors in Futuristic Fashion”.

8: Connected and Chime

by Robots are Fun

Robots are Fun are a youth team (Laura Voisin and Ashley Voisin) that have been leaders in introducing girls to technology through wearables. The team will produce two garments this year. The first dress “Connected” will use circuit boards to create “armor”. The second dress, “Chime”, will incorporate chimes and sounds into the outfit.

Robots are Fun have been active members of the MakeFashion community, and have walked the runway with several of their wearable tech creations.

9: Black and White Gala

by MayViva

Inspired in the MET ball, this black and white ball gown will reference the flashes from photographer on the red carpet. Illumination on the dress will mimic the flashes of the media and cameramen surrounding the wearer. A glowing lasercut necklace will complete the look.

MayViva is a MakeFashion Co-Founder. Her iHeart dress brings awareness to anxiety and depression, and was featured in my video on functional fashion that does good for the world.

10: Affective Modulation System

by Kathryn Blair

This piece by Kathryn Blair will be a re-imaging of a previous MakeFashion piece from 2013, Somatic System. Somatic System was a coat that used a temperature and pulse sensor to determine the wearer’s mood, and then via lights and a speaker, influenced the wearer’s mood using light and music. The piece was intended to explore the interaction between technology and our very organic brains and bodies. The new garment will be an evolution in technology and concept from the original.

Kath Blair has been a part of MakeFashion since 2013 when she debuted the original version of the dress at our gala.

11: Indi City

by Indi City

Artist Indi City (Angel Abichon) returns with a dress that will commemorate the thousands of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. Technology and inspiration from traditional costume will be used to express the topic of violence towards indigenous women. An LED & fiber optic halo-like headpiece with clear beadwork will complete the look.

Indi City will be returning for her third year with MakeFashion, and was one of my picks for rising fashiontech stars to watch in 2018 in my YouTube video.

12: Stardust Collection and 2020 Designs

by Lumen Couture

In 2018, we exhibited our pre-launch at the MakeFashion runway show. This year we will be returning to showcase previews of our new designs for 2020. The runway show will also showcase new innovation works for the runway that will be available for rental after the show.

13: Butterfly Dress

by Clarke’s Third Law

The idea of the butterfly dress is to create a memorable moment. In this era of social media and, there is a desire to create that perfect moment that can be captured and will last forever. This innovative garment promises to expose new eye-catching technology that will bring delight to audiences.

Emerging Designers

In addition to the lineup of tenured designers, MakeFashion is supporting emerging designers with funding and the opportunity to show their work on the stage.

The emerging design teams for 2019 are:

Ellen Monaghan: Climate Change Garments

Luniary Designs: Illumaluna

Stephanie Chan: Amour Amure

Radium Creative: Nipika at Night

The Scarlet Stitch: Knitwear Dress with LEDs


Sarah Uwadiae: Peacock

D. Ryan Design

About the Author: Chelsea Klukas has had a career working at the intersection of fashion and technology. She was the Creative Director for social shopping startup BeauCoo that aimed to solve problems of fit and sizing through technology. Later, she became the Product Design manager for projects including the Amazon Echo Look ai-enabled fashion assistant. She is the co-inventor of the Lumen Couture projection hat, her own wearable technology fashion line, and the Co-Founder of MakeFashion producing fashiontech runway shows around the world.