Shopper Info:

A Note on Mask and Panel Delays

We’ve had shipment processing issues leading to some of our orders being delayed.

Important Announcement for my Customers

Due to shipment delays on both the shipping and receiving end of my panel tech, we have had delays for about 150 orders placed between April 6-May 1.

Why the delay?

Our custom tech panels are produced by a small overseas manufacturing shop. The manufacturer had a customs error that delayed the first shipment and had it turned back to the sender. The second shipment was successful, however one box of 200 panels scheduled to arrive April 20 are still being held by the shipment facility. As of May 9th we have contacted them daily, and have another set on order in case this case is returned to sender.

My tracking number says shipped: is my order on the way?

For some of the packages impacted, we paid for and printed labels in advance and prepared the rest of the order. The shipment notification is generated at the moment of purchasing the label – these will display as shipped but will not have an update from USPS until they are fulfilled.

When will my order actually arrive?

We have been in contact with the shipment facility and have a backup on order, but due to the unpredictability we’ve been experiencing with COVID-19 and long wait times, I am unable to guarantee an exact date when the tech will arrive. However, as we committed to shipping in May, we will be auto-refunding any orders that are not fulfilled by May 30th. We hope with our backup orders this will not be necessary.

I want a refund.

I will process full refunds to any customers, and will still honour the charitable donation on your behalf for mask orders. You can reach me via at chelsea @

Huge apologies for the delays, and thanks for your support. As a one-woman inventor, manufacturer, and business, these delays are as frustrating for me as they are for my customers, and the unpredictability of COVID has led to me not being able to provide the excellent experience I want to provide Lumen Couture customers. Please take care and stay safe.

Products using tech other then the ultra-thin matrix panels (matrix line apparel, stardust, and dark power line) are shipping as usual within 2-3 days of purchase.