Lumen Couture Concepts

Illuminated Accessories for Opera Singer Michelle Minke

We collaborated with designer Olga Sem for a performance at the MakeFashion 2018 gala.

We collaborated with designer Olga Sem to create an illuminated fashiontech costume for opera singer Michelle Minke.

Michelle Minke is a Calgary-based Soprano who utilizes Fashion Technology to enhance her performances. Trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England, Michelle performed in opera houses across the world before returning to her hometown of Calgary.

Photo: Phil Crozier.

The outfit was commissioned for or her performance at the 2018 MakeFashion runway showThe headdress and necklace are inspired by illuminated crystals. Lumen Couture has extended the runway concept to ready-to-wear illuminated quartz jewelry that is available for purchase.

Lumen Couture is available for custom garments for singers and performers.

Necklace modeled by designer Chelsea Klukas.

About the Author: Chelsea Klukas is the founder of Lumen Couture, a product design manager and an interdisciplinary technology-focused artist. Chelsea started as a fine artist, but shifted her career focus to emerging technology. Lumen Couture is the fusion between creative expression and innovative tech.

Klukas is also the co-founder of MakeFashion, a wearable technology startup that brings high tech and high fashion to the runway. MakeFashion has created over 100 wearable tech garments and has produced runway shows across the world including New York, Shenzhen, and Rome. Her “Lumen Couture” projector hat, a hat that includes real-time projection mapping and visual inputs to display video on a dress, has gained international attention as the first of its kind.

Klukas has managed product design teams at Facebook and Amazon, including leading design for the artificial-intelligence enabled voice fashion assistant Echo Look. Before Amazon she was the creative director of BeauCoo, a social shopping startup that helped women find clothes that fit, and design lead at Poynt, a cross-platform location-based app with 20M users that pioneered augmented reality features in the early days of iOS.