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Founder Chelsea Klukas Opens SF TECH Fashion Week 2019 With Keynote

We talk the future of fashion at SF TECH Fashion Week 2019 INNOVISION “Fashion Matrix”.

Founder Chelsea Klukas speaks on the future of fashion.

On April 16th, 2019, Lumen Couture founder Chelsea Klukas opened SF Tech Fashion Week 2019 with a keynote presentation. She was also a member of a women in tech panel at the event, held at the Shopify Kit Office in San Francisco.

This installment of Women in Fashion+Tech panel highlighted the current state of the convergence of fashion and technology and how fashion tech companies are elevating customer experience to the next level. Topics covered included retail disruption with ecommerce technology; social media and trends fueling the future of the business of fashion.

The Lumen Couture Dark Power bodysuit at the event.

Discussion on expectation vs. reality in online shopping, and how retailers are aiming to reduce returns.

Klukas drew from her industry experience working at the intersection of fashion technology as a founding member of fashiontech startup BeauCoo, as a design manager at Amazon, and as a founder of MakeFashion and Lumen Couture. She discussed how technology is changing how we shop for clothes, our closets, and the clothes we wear themselves.

In the Women in Tech Panel, Klukas spoke alongside Helen Mou (Senior Product Manager at Shopify), Gina Bibby (Partner at Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror Weber LLP | Founder at Two Tunics Project), and Camilla Olson (CEO at Savitude).
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About the Author: Chelsea Klukas is the designer of the Lumen Couture projection hat, the her own wearable technology fashion line, and the Co-Founder of MakeFashion. In addition to her wearable technology work, she is a Product Design manager who has managed design teams for social shopping startup BeauCoo and the Amazon Echo Look ai-enabled fashion assistant. Klukas is currently managing design teams at Oculus exploring virtual reality and augmented reality.