Buyer Beware! Your Guide to Trusted Partners and Avoiding Knockoffs

It has come to our attention that our images and likeness of our founder (Chelsea Klukas) are being used for scam websites.

Since it’s invention in early April, the LED Matrix Mask has gained international attention. With that attention, comes the inevitable copycats. Although the product is patent pending, we are still in the process of finalizing the full patent to be able to take action against vendors copying our product.

Coming Soon: Change Your Face with a Mask

Coming soon: a new LED mask that will allow you to change your face.

Lumen Couture LED Bluetooth Mask Featured on Official NBA Instagram

Our founder Chelsea Klukas presented and opening keynote discussing what her work in FashionTech startups (BeauCoo), retail technology at scale at Amazon, and work on MakeFashion and her own line of ready-to-wear fashiontech has taught her about the future of the fashion industry.

Lumen Couture LED Bluetooth Mask Featured in VentureBeat

On April 5th we released a video describing our innovation in using our LED flex panels in a mask design. This mask is designed to have removable tech components for easy washing.

The project has gained the attention of several media outlets, including Venture Beat. We are in the process of making this product available as a product for our fans.

Headlining Tech Fashion Tour 5.0 in Mumbai

This year we were invited to participate in Tech Fashion Tour in Mumbai. This was the fifth year of the event, hosted by Exhibit magazine. The event showcased local designers, and every year invites an international designer who is a leader in combining tech and fashion.