MakeFashion FashionTech Showcase: Dresses with Playable Games

Can your clothes be playable video games? GamerGirls by Phi Illuminated Designs for MakeFashion created the Gamer Girls dresses which allow wearers to compete against each other with LED interfaces and shoulder pads that reveal scores.

Gamergirls is a one of a kind design featuring two futuristic fashion dresses that allow the wearers to play an arcade style video game together, using each other’s dresses as the screen display. 

MakeFashion FashionTech Showcase: Chameleon Cocktail Dress

The Chameleon Cocktail Dress is one of the earliest MakeFashion garments, showcased at the 2013 gala. Despite being nearly 5 years old today, it is still one of the most iconic and showstopping wearable tech garments our organization has showcased.