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2021 Holiday Wearable Tech Gift Guide: Under $50

Stuff your stockings and support small businesses with our guide for gifts that are under $50USD!

Holiday shopping can be stressful, especially for friends and family who are tough to impress and seem to already have one of everything. Don’t stress: our holiday gift guides will help you shop for everyone on your list!

As a bonus, shopping from Lumen Couture supports small, independent business.

LED Matrix Face Mask

$40 – $50 USD

LED Matrix Mask

Our most popular product to date, our LED matrix mask has been featured in international media including The Verge, Yahoo finance! and the official NBA instagram. In 2020 it won multiple awards including one of the most innovative products of the year, and earned a 9.5/10 rating on GadgetFlow.

Due to it’s immense popularity: copycats exist, but there’s nothing like the original and supporting independent designer and innovators. And like it or not: it seems that masks are sticking around for a while longer, so might as well find some fun and delight in the meantime.

Fiber Optic Mask

Our second mask on this list, our Fiber Optic mask doesn’t afford as much customization as the Matrix mask, but is still an innovative and fun way to stand out from the crowd. The mask provides glow and blinking effects in a variety of colors, powered by a small button for easy on-the-go controls.

Includes a rechargeable battery for instant fun.

DIY Light Up Clothing/Costume Kit

$16.50 – $17.50 USD

DIY Wearable Tech Kit

For the DIY enthusiast in your life, our wearable tech kit (from our sister site, Wearable Tech Tutorials) makes it easy to create your owne wearable tech creations.

This kit is perfect for beginners and requires no soldering and programming. The kit contains a variety of pre-set effects including flames, electricity, and pulsing and strobing effects, all controlled via a remote control. Our online instructions provide projects to have your clothes lit up in 20 minutes or less. as a bonus, the kit is effective for non-wearable projects, like DIY christmas lights.

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