Holiday Shopping Deadline: Dec 14th 2019

The deadline to place orders to arrive for the holidays is Dec 14th by noon.
I will be traveling starting Dec 15th, and will not be available to ship orders during that time. As a small independent business who hand-makes and hand-packs every order, I currently don’t have a method to ship orders while I’m away traveling. This is something I’m hoping to solve in the new year as my business grows.

Will LED Fashion Go Mainstream?

Since organizations combining fashion and technology like MakeFashion have pioneered the space, LED garments have become increasingly popular. But the question still remains: will these garments ever become a part level of mainstream couture, or are illuminated garments destined to be limited to niche audiences for raves, costumes, festivals, and nightclubs?


Smart Earrings: A hearable computer in your ear

Hearables function similar to other voice devices by understanding voice commands and speaking, or in this case whispering, back. Some hearables are paired with a mobile interface so that users don’t need to speak out loud in public.