Projection Mapped Fashion:

Projection Mapped Dresses With Sound Visualizers

Design studio Proforma integrates music into a projection mapping installation.

Image via artist’s vimeo.

Since the creation of the Lumen Couture Projection-Mapped Dress, I’ve had a minor obsession with projection mapping fashion.

Studio Proforma (designers Nicola Buttari and Martino Chiti) developed the dress as an audiovisual installation for fashion label DROMe. The images respond by changing designs and speed based on sounds and music.

More information about Proforma and the project can be found here.

About the Author: Chelsea Klukas is the designer of the Lumen Couture projection hat, the her own light-up LED fashion line, and the Co-Founder of MakeFashion. In addition to her wearable technology work, she is a Product Design manager who has managed design teams for social shopping startup BeauCoo and the Amazon Echo Look ai-enabled fashion assistant.