Projection Mapping Showcase: Franck Sorbier

French designer Franck Sorbier utilized projection mapping technology in his Fall/Winter 2012-2013 runway collection. Inspired by the classic French fairytale Peau d’Âne (Donkeyskin), the designer partnered with Intel for the support on the project.

Projection Mapping Showcase: Proforma

Studio Proforma (designers Nicola Buttari and Martino Chiti) developed the dress as an audiovisual installation for fashion label DROMe. The images respond by changing designs and speed based on sounds and music.

Luma Projection Arts Festival in Binghamton

LUMA is a projection festival held annually in Upstate New York that celebrates the intersection of art and technology. Founded in 2015, the three-person team expected a crowd of 3,000: and 30,000 came. Since then the festival has grown, with the mission dedicated to the art of storytelling through projection mapping.