Lumen Couture FAQs

Thanks for shopping Lumen Couture! We are an independent business with a mission to make fashiontech affordable and accessible to everyone.

Return Policy

We will accept returns for unworn garments within 7 days of delivery.

We also offer a 60-day tech guarantee, which means that if anything goes wrong with the tech within 60 days we will offer you a full refund or replacement on return of the garment.


We make shipments weekly, usually on Mondays. Purchases with batteries will need to be shipped ground (due to regulations), which may cause slower shipper speeds.

Other FAQs:

What batteries are compatible with your garments?

For all of our lines except the Matrix Line (which has a unique battery), a 5V USB power bank (the same kind you use to charge your phone) is used as the power source. Yours will need to be small enough to fit in the pocket, around the size of a phone. Here is an example of a compatible power bank on Amazon.

How bright are the lights?

The lights in our garments are bright enough to be seen during the day, but have the most impact in dim or dark light. We recommend our garments for events where the lights are low. 

How long do the batteries last before needing to recharge?

It depends. We’re not trying to be evasive, but different light colors and patterns have different battery draw (for example, red light draws less power than white light). We design our garments to last at least 1.5 hours with our Lumen Couture power bank at the most demanding setting: but most settings will last over 2.5 hours. Our remote control gives the ability to turn down the brightness, which can double or triple the battery life. If you expect to have a longer continuous wear time at full brightness, we recommend bringing an extra battery to swap out as a backup.

Can you do custom designs?

We can easily customize our existing garments, for example: shorten a dress or take in a jumpsuit. We take some custom orders or can refer you to our network of other fashion-technology designers. We also recommend DIYing it, with our LED fashion kit and instructions at our sister site wearabletutorials.

Are the garments safe?

All our lines (except for the matrix line) are powered by 5V power bank, the same kind you use to charge your phone. The LEDs are low-power and have been tested and worn for over 200 events internationally. However, we are not liable for any injuries or damages caused by their use.

Sometimes certain batteries can overheat when used with the garments. If you feel your battery or LEDs get hot, unplug them immediately and allow them to cool down.

Can I travel with the garments?

Most airlines will not allow batteries in checked luggage, so batteries will need to be stored separately in carry-on. We do not recommend attempting to walk through security wearing our garments, or you will get a lot of questions.

How do I clean the garments?

Each garment has a different design, some offer washable removable layers (see owners guide for details). Spot stains can be treated while garments are powered off and battery unplugged: ensure garments are fully dry before turning back on.