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Lumen Couture FashionTech at CES Asia 2019 with FashionWare

We hit the runway at the CES Asia Tech conference with our Dark Power LED Bodysuit.

Our dark power bodysuit. Photo source: Pundi.

Our Dark Power bodysuit took the stage at CES Asia with the FashionWare event. Styled with a jacket and skirt, this demonstrated the versatile nature of our illuminated bodysuit.

The Dark Power bodysuit changes colors and light patterns through a remote control, and is designed with a hidden pocket that hides technology and wires. It features a washable layer to sustain multiple wearings without exposing the electronics to water.

A custom illuminated skirt with silver 3D-printed accents and LED illumination was also showcased, paired with a trendy sweater and the Evone shoe, and App Elles SOS bracelet.

Other designers featured at the show included Nandi X yoga pants, the Google Levi Jacquard jacket, Anina Net, and Fossil.

Our bodysuit styled with PundiX wallet.

Our skirt alongside Evon shoe and App Elles SOS bracelet. Skirt is a one-off design, inquire for custom orders.

Fashionware is an event that showcases garments, accessories, fabrics and high-tech designers in runway shows. Lumen Couture has showcased with Fashionware events in the past, including the 2017 CES in Las Vegas where our Projection-Mapped dress was on the runway hosted by Nick Verros. Founder Klukas has participated in the events since 2014 through MakeFashion when we first showcased at the CES wearable tech runway.

Lumen Couture projection mapped dress at CES Vegas in 2017 with MakeFashion and FashionWare.

Lumen Couture projection mapped dress at CES Vegas in 2017 with MakeFashion and FashionWare.

About the Author: Chelsea Klukas is a serial tech entrepreneur and has worked as design leadership in several startups and global companies including Amazon and Facebook. She is currently a product Design Manager at Oculus, and her product leadership experience includes shipping the Echo Look, Amazon’s first fashion-focused AI-enabled voice assistant, BeauCoo, a social shopping startup that helped women find clothes that fit, and design lead at Poynt, a cross-platform location-based app that pioneered augmented reality features in the early days of iOS.. She is also a co-founder of FashionTech runway organization MakeFashion and founder of Lumen Couture.

Chelsea Klukas is an award-winning interdisciplinary technology artist, and was recent granted her Doctorate of Fine Arts (h.c.) in 2019. Her Lumen Couture projector hat, a hat that includes real-time projection mapping and visual inputs to display video on a dress, has gained international attention as the first of its kind.