events and sightings:

LED Fashion at TrapxArt 2019 in Seattle

We showcased a new design at a Seattle nightclub.

We hosted a small runway show and revealed a new design at The Stage Seattle for an arts and fashion party.

Our new design: the Matrix Choker, was revealed for the first time to audiences. The choker features new technology, is controlled with an app, and is launching to the public in 2020.

TrapXArt is an organization that tours the world hosting parties that showcase artists, designers, models, and influencers.

Models: Deanna Molenda, LaTiva Morris, Leah Harper

About the Author: Chelsea Klukas is an award-winning interdisciplinary technology artist and design leader. She has founded two companies exploring the intersection of fashion and technology (Lumen Couture and MakeFashion) and was recent granted her Doctorate of Fine Arts (h.c.) in 2019. Her Lumen Couture projector hat, a hat that includes real-time projection mapping and visual inputs to display video on a dress, has gained international attention as the first of its kind. She is an advocate for diversity and women in tech. Follow Chelsea Klukas on twitter.